Sharpest Mailbox on the Street

When we moved to our new house, we inherited multiple items and design choices from the previous owners (or from the builders of the house).  Some of them we agree with, some of them we don't, and some of them leave us scratching our heads in confusion.  I'm sure someone thought that putting the wall switch for the bathroom fan 6 feet up in the air was a good idea, but I can't tell you why. 

So as we settle in, we've been making lists.  Some things need immediate attention and/or replacing, and some we can live with for a while.  Like our mailbox.

There's nothing really wrong with it - it's even one of the better looking ones on the street.  However, it's probably something we'll replace at some point.  The pole is plastic, not wood or metal, and rather flimsy.  But for now, it's a perfectly fine, working mailbox.  Which means it's not on the top of our list of things to replace.  That doesn't mean, though, that it can't be improved upon until we do get around to finally replacing it.  And that's just what we did last week.

Since we know we'll eventually get rid of this mailbox, it gave us an opportunity to play around with it a bit.  Try something that we weren't sure if we'd like or not, with the knowledge that if we hated it, or really messed it up, we'd just replace the mailbox sooner than we were originally planning. 

I found some vinyl decals that looked easy enough to apply, and looked like they might go well with our mailbox.  I was hoping for something that would give us a bit of personalization and style.  I figured it might help our mail carrier out as well, since our mailbox didn't previously have our house number on it, and since we're new to the street, they're probably still figuring out the name to deliver to.

Speaking of which, it will probably help out our neighbors too.  When we meet someone new and try to describe where we live, we've had to say things like "we live in the newish house next to the other newish house" or "we're next to the house that put in the new fence."  But now we'll be able to say "we're the ones that say "Spearson" on the mailbox!" 

And now for the final reveal: 

Vinyl Mailbox
Name on Mailbox

What do you think?  

We're loving it so far!  I think when it comes time to eventually replace the mailbox and post, we'll try to incorporate something similar because we love the look and feel to it.  It's just one more thing to make our home a bit more ours.