New Beginnings

At first it feels like a hotel room.  A big, fancy, hotel room, but still a hotel room.  After all, you have the big bed that you usually only sleep on when at a hotel.  There are weird noises, it's darker outside than you're used to, and when you wake up, you have a moment of confusion before you remember where you are. 

Then you spend the day unpacking a few things, eating lunch in the kitchen, and watching a movie in the living room.  Still, you find yourself wandering in circles from time to time.  Wondering what you should be doing next.  Finding something you hadn't noticed before.  It feels a bit like you've rented a vacation house or an airbnb.  Very lovely, having a great time, but who are the people who actually live here? 

And then the lists start.  So many lists!  Things to buy, things to do, things to think about in a few years. 

Sometimes it feels overwhelming.

Sometimes it feels exciting.

Sometimes we're dancing in the kitchen,

and sometimes we're bent over a drain trying to figure out how to fasten the thingy into the hole. 

So far though?  We're doing okay.  It's all a little new and strange, but it feels right and most importantly, full of potential.  Except for maybe the yard.  That feels more like a lost cause than anything else...  

But we'll get there. Slowly, maybe, but that's okay.  In the meantime, we're going to enjoy our new neighbors (all nice! yay!) and our fuzzy friends that keep coming over to visit (turkeys! and deer! and other yet to be identified creatures!) 

I think we're going to like it here.