Welcome to Wilmington

Welcome to Wilmington, MA

So you may have heard, we found a house!  Now the question is, WHERE is this house?

Back when we started our house search, we didn't know much except that we wanted to be on the North Shore.  So armed with that knowledge, we spent the last 6ish months researching the towns in that area.  Sure we knew what we were looking for in a house, but what do you look for in a town?

Of course we wanted something that would be convenient for our commutes to work, and also had easy access to some of the major interstates, but there's a lot of towns that would have satisfied that.  In fact there was a whole list of towns that we looked at: Malden, Melrose, Stoneham, Wakefield, Saugus, Winchester, Woburn, Burlington, Wilmington and Reading!  Some of them we crossed off the list almost immediately (Malden, Saugus and Winchester), but we honestly would have been happy with any of the others.  They all had nice communities, good schools, and we could have pictured ourselves falling in love with all of them.

We were pretty close at one point to buying a house in Wakefield, but in general what ended up narrowing down the town for us had more to do with the land.  We were finding that in order to get the amount of land we wanted, and privacy from neighbors we were looking for, it seemed like the towns that were most likely for us would be Wilmington, Reading or Woburn.  In the end, the house we ended up falling in love with happened to be in Wilmington. 

We know a bit about the town (my boss lives there!), and like what we've seen so far.  First, where is Wilmington in relation to Boston?  Well it's North (but you already knew that) and it's very close to I-93, and just North of I-95.  See map below (green highlighted area):

It feels a little weird to be so far removed from Boston after spending over 10 years living in the city proper, but we're still pretty close (about 20-25 minutes by car) and we both work in the city, so we're there almost every day.  It's also a bit closer to Vermont - Wilmington is just about a 3 hour drive home (2.5 hours to Montpelier!) so that's exciting too.

What's in Wilmington?  Wilmington is definitely a more residential town than say neighboring Burlington (which is more commercially focused), and so there's not a lot IN the town.  We won't have our own movie theater or shopping center, but things like that are all easily accessible in neighboring towns. 

Some interesting things I've discovered that you can find in Wilmington:

  • The Ristuccia Ice Arena (otherwise known as the practice rink for the Boston Bruins)
  • The Shriners Auditorium (home to the Boston Derby Dames roller derby league)
  • The birthplace of the Baldwin apple (there's a monument and everything!)

I'm sure we'll discover much more to love in this town over coming years.  Right now we're super excited to officially become residents soon!