It's Friiiiday!

(Does anyone else still sing the Rebecca Black song in their head when they say that?)

Our Friday started off at 4am when Tom got up to use the bathroom.  I rolled over and tried to find a comfy spot while waiting for him to get back in bed (since it would wake me up anyway, I usually just wait until he's settled again before I try to fall back asleep).

I heard him come back into the room, but instead of feeling him get into bed, I just heard him laughing instead.  I turned back over and saw that Maia had decided that his pillow looked like a perfect spot for her.  She had taken over the entire thing!  He reached towards her and she just stared him down and moved her arm over it as if to say "Give it a try silly human... this is my pillow now.  Take it back and suffer the consequences of a bloody arm!"

You try convincing a stubborn cat at 4am that she doesn't really want to sleep on that comfy memory foam pillow.  Although Tom did win in the end, I have a feeling he'll be paying for it later.  Her new trick lately is to run and/or jump as fast and hard as she can into his stomach while he's fast asleep.  It's hilarious to hear it play out... You can usually hear her coming from across the apartment, then there's a moment of silence as she jumps and then "Oofh! Whaaa? OW!" as she lands on, and simultaneously wakes up, Tom. This is probably less entertaining for him. 

Maybe this is one of the reasons he wants to get a puppy so badly.  A chance to even the teams, and have someone run interference (or at least bark and alert him to potential cat danger).  Of course we all know how this will play out.. Maia will have that dog under her control so fast and doing her bidding for her...