Three Things Thursday

1. So this is a little late, but two days ago was Super Tuesday!  By now we already know the results (Clinton won the Democratic primary and Trump won the Republican in MA), and despite the person I voted for not winning, it was still an exciting day for democracy.  There was record voter turn out here in MA.  Go us!

This was my first time voting in this particular location, which always makes me a little nervous because you can never be too sure what the protocol is.  Especially when your voting place is a school.  Schools are always one of those places where I feel like the divide between "insider" and "outsider" is super obvious.  There's always a ton of rules (what doors you can or can't enter, where you're allowed to park, etc), and they're always obvious to people who work there or have had a child attend, but everyone else just ends up wandering around lost and confused.

So because of all of that, I planned to get there 10 minutes before the polls officially opened to try and figure things out.  I like to go first thing in the morning because a) it tends not to be as crowded, and b) I get to wear my "I Voted!" sticker all day. I was surprised how low key it was - no one outside with signs trying to get me to change my mind last minute, not a ton of people, just a few parents running a bake sale.  Everything went pretty smoothly too, until it was time to "check-out" after completing my ballot.  The volunteer looked me up, and went to cross off my name, but then crossed off Tom's name instead, who wasn't there with me.  I saw it happening in slow motion and reached out, saying "noooooooooo!" but it was too late.  I was worried that would complicate things for Tom when he went to vote later in the day, but when he arrived, all he had to say was "Sooo my wife - " and the people at the table jumped up and said "ARE YOU TOM SPEARSON!?"  They'd been waiting for him all day, and were so happy to see him, they gave him a big hug!  I guess if he hadn't shown up, it would have caused some auditing issues, so they were very relieved.  I just feel bad they had to wait 12 hours between when I voted, and when he did!

2. I got in 3 runs last weekend!  Well I guess "weekend" is a bit of a stretch since one was on Friday, one was on Sunday, and the third was on Monday, but I don't remember the last time I've gone running that many times in such a short span of days!

I will say this, though - the next time I decided to go for a run outside, I'm going to check the elevation!  Whooboy I do not like hills.  You can see in the charts on the right, as soon as the hill comes, I slow way down.  I actually ended up walking for a bit.  And pretty much as soon as I hit 2 miles I gave up entirely and walked home.  There's something about the two mile mark that makes my brain go "nope, we don't run further than this."  We'll see what happens during the 5k.  Someone might need to lie to me and tell me I'm only at 1.75 miles :) 

3.  In just two days, it will be Tom and my 6th month wedding anniversary!  Wow!  I can't tell if I'm surprised at how quickly that's happened, or feel like we've been married forever.  I think more often than not, the wedding feels like some strange dream I had (although not as strange as the dream I had last night about Nicole and I kidnapping baby geniuses...) and things are just as they've always been.  Not that it's a bad thing... life is good and happy and fun and stressful and busy and exciting and everything that I'd want it to be.  And while I still giggle a bit to myself when I refer to Tom as my husband or call myself his wife, it slips out pretty easily now.  More like I say it first and then think, huh that's funny, we're MARRIED!  How adult of us!

I don't think Tom and I will do anything special to acknowledge our halfiversary or whatever you want to call it, but it's a fun reason to stop and reflect back on the past six months and remember how much fun our wedding was.  And how awesome of a group of close friends we have.  Seriously, you should be jealous that your friends aren't as cool as ours.  I mean really, how can they compete with this: