Spring Baseball

The only thing better than sunshine and warm weather in March, is baseball in March!  Since we were in Florida, it only made sense that we would spend a day with our favorite baseball team. 

The Red Sox spend each spring training in Fort Myers at their facilities which include a relatively new stadium (especially compared to the one they play at in Boston!)  JetBlue park opened 5 years ago as the new Fenway South.  It has the exact field dimensions as the real Fenway Park, and even has it's own version of the green monster.  This was my third trip since the park opened, which seems like a lot until you compare it to my parents, who have been here every year.  This was my first year not sitting on the monster at this park.  While we were closer to the action, there's something special about sitting up on that wall that's addictive to me.

fenway south

The day was beautiful (although I think most of them in Florida probably are) and we had a lot of fun.  The Red Sox ended up losing in extra innings, but we still had a great time.  We saw Mookie hit a home run, Papi was looking great for his final season and got an RBI during the game, and had Fenway franks for lunch.

A cute moment happened while we were taking our seats before the game started.  They were all covered with thick yellow pollen, and I said I was going to go get some napkins to wipe them off before sitting down, since I knew it would all stick to my black shirt.  Before I could turn around, Tom ran off to get them for us.  When he got back, the gentleman behind us asked us how long we'd been married.  The question was out of the blue, but I figured he saw our rings, and answered that it had just been 6 months.  He smiled and said he figured, since Tom had run off so quickly to get me napkins.  "The longer you've been together, the less that happens.  Enjoy it for now!" he told us.  Guess that means we're still officially in our newlywed phase?  

Have you been to see a spring training game?
Who's your favorite team?