Florida Sun

Our vacation started out in Florida, where we were visiting my parents.  Before we could get there, though, we had to fly out of Boston.  A word of warning to anyone who laughs at the directive to get to the airport two hours before a domestic flight - sometimes you really need those two hours!  When we arrived at Logan, we were greeted with the longest lines I've ever seen.  Lines to get our boarding passes, lines to check our bags, lines at Dunkin Donuts, and of course huge lines at security.  It was so bad, employees were constantly calling out flights that were leaving, and pulling people out of line so they wouldn't miss them.  Luckily I'm always obsessively early, so we were able to just sit back and watch everyone else panic, as we made it to our gate with plenty of time. 

Once our flight was called and we were lined up about to board, I kept hearing the people in front of us complaining and making comments about football and the Patriots.  I was confused why so many people were still upset (since I was pretty sure the football season was over), until I saw it... You know how JetBlue will often decorate their planes with fun things on the wings?  For years I've been trying to get on the Red Sox plane, since I often fly between Boston and Fort Myers where their spring training facilities are.  Well we didn't get the Red Sox plane this time either... no, instead we got a NY Jet's plane.  The entire thing was painted Jet's green, and had NY Jet's logos everywhere.  The logo was even on the inside!  Suffice to say, the plane full of Patriot's fans (the Boston based flight crew included) weren't completely happy to be on this particular plane.  It did, however, make it easy for my parents to spot us when we landed!

Walking out into the warm, humid air of Florida was amazing.  It was a nice break from the bone-chilling weather of Boston, and it immediately puts you in a mindset to relax and rest.  Tom and I were both able to get through a few books (maybe time for an updated book post??) while we were there, but we also spent some time exploring.  My mom led us on a walk through a jungle I was sure was going to eat us alive, and we also spent a day at a nature sanctuary which had a few miles of boardwalk winding through it. 

And of course since it was Florida, we spent some time at the beach, Tom went kayaking while I got in a couple of runs in preparation for my upcoming 5k, and we enjoyed a Red Sox spring training game at Fenway South, which I'll talk about later.   

And yes, I realize that Tom and I are wearing ALL of the Boston gear in the above picture.  Trust me, that wasn't by design.  Although we weren't breaking my uncle's rule of "don't wear it where you bought it," it still was a bit much.  I made sure to tone it down for the Sox game later in the week.

We also managed to get a movie in while we were in Florida.  I feel like lately we haven't been going as often as I'd want, so it was a nice treat to relax and watch a movie I'd been looking forward to seeing.  We saw my hero in "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" which was awesome.  It wasn't her typical funny movie, although I did laugh quite a bit, but it was very well done.  Not that I'd expect anything less than the 30 Rock dream team who wrote and produced it. 

Though apparently, it turns out that going to the movies in the middle of the day isn't big on people's list's of priorities in Florida.  Where would they rather be, the beach?!?  Vacations and movies go great together in my mind, but maybe that's just me?





Have you taken any vacations lately?
What's the last movie you watched?