Snowy Weekend!

We didn't get a lot of snow yesterday.  What we got, though, was pretty snow.  The winter wonderland, this is what I wish for when I wish for a white Christmas, snow.  It came down in soft flakes all day yesterday and covered our bare streets and trees. 

My desk is along a full wall of windows, and all day yesterday you'd find people getting up from what they were doing, and walking to the windows.  It was so easy to just space out and stare into the snow.  It was the memorizing, sometimes hypnotizing, type that forces you to use your low beams when you're driving snow.

It clung to everything it touched.  All the trees and lamp posts and fences, and made everything white.  Clean, and soft and fuzzy looking, white. 

It was even more apparently on my walk home, where I found myself walking through an actual winter wonderland.  As people hurriedly shuffled by in that, "I'm trying to run-walk as fast I can to get home and out of this cold" posture where they have their chin pressed down against their chest, their shoulders hunched up, and eyes just peaking out between their hat and scarf, I found myself slowly wandering through the snow.  Quiet, peaceful and still.  The branches were all leaning down low, heavy with the snow and ice that coated them.  Knowing that the snow won't stay like this for long, I spent some time just walking with my head back, looking up at the snowy branches. 

Other than our new blanket of white snow, and threat of maybe more coming on Monday or Tuesday, nothing much is happening this weekend.  There is laundry to be done, groceries to be bought, things to be cleaned, and papers to be written.  I heard a rumor there's a big sportsball game going on, but it's too early for baseball, so I won't be watching. 

Instead we'll probably be watching movies on the couch, hopefully without a cat shoving her tail in my face. 

Oh, and in case my dad happens to be reading this, yes, that is your Newport Blue shirt I'm wearing that I stole from you, oh maybe 15 years ago?  The one that Aunt Joanie gave you who knows how many years before that.  It's soft and comfy and you can't have it back.  In case you were wondering.

And while I'm sharing random pictures, I'll throw this one up here too.  Why yes, Maia and I do occasionally take selfies in bed while Tom is still asleep.  We can't help it if we wake up hours before him every day!  (At least she's not whacking me in the face with her tail here... although I'm pretty sure THIS is why I always wake up with a stiff neck...)

Do you have snow?
Will you be watching the game on Sunday?