It's the Small Things...

Does anyone else obsessively love the exploding hearts at the end of each blog post?  I don't often like my own posts, but every once in a while I'll be going through posts and randomly like one just to see the exploding hearts.  It makes me happy.

Don't know what I'm talking about?  Look down at the end of this post right below where it says "Go Back to Blog Home" and look on the left for the heart where it says "X Likes."  If you click on it, it will add your like to the count, but it will also thank you with some brief exploding hearts.  Try it - it's fun!  It doesn't actually mean anything for the blog, and I don't get anything from it (besides knowing that someone's read my post), but it IS entertaining!

(If you really want some fun, try clicking on it multiple times in a row.  It only adds one like total, but the hearts multiply!  YOU'RE WELCOME)