Christmas Cookies

Every once in a while, I see something on the internet and decide that I must immediately recreate it.  This weekend was one of those times.  

I've been wanting to make some sort of Christmas cookies for a while, but the thing is, I don't really have a favorite Christmas cookie.  Sure, there are ones that I enjoy, and ones that I used to make when I was little, but none of them were reaching out to me as the ones I NEEDED to make this year.  So I waited.  

And then it happened, and I was suddenly adding random requests to Tom's grocery list.  I don't think he even bats an eye anymore.  He just hope that he gets to eat whatever it is at the end.  

So that's how I ended up in the kitchen all day Sunday, baking up a storm.  First I started with the "cookies" which are actually more like modified cupcakes.  I used a cake batter with less liquid than normal to make super dense cupcake like cookies.  Which I dyed red, because Christmas.  Then went on my usual cream cheese frosting that I use for everything because it's amazing.  So again, more cupcake than cookie, but close enough. 

Then for the decorating.  Each cookie needed half a Reese peanut butter bell, two mini chocolate chips, and one orange sprinkle.  And when you add it all together, what do you get?  

An army of melting snowmen! 

Melting Snowmen Christmas cookies

Tom was able to tell what I was going for, so I'll call that a win.  The whole time I was a little worried I'd spend all this time and effort and at the end, everyone would be scratching their head going "what are these supposed to be again?"  

I'm not sure we've created an annual tradition, but for now they're entertaining me.  And as soon as I'm done admiring them, I'll let people actually start eating them haha. 

Reese Bell Christmas Cookie Snowman
Melting snowman cupcake

Has anyone else made any fun or yummy Christmas cookies this year?