Meet My New Co-Worker

Owning a home brings with it all kinds of new responsibilities, one of which is the constant scheduling of people to come and work on the house.  There's always something that needs to be fixed or serviced or improved. 

Today is one of those days.  There's some work that needs to be done that involves hours upon hours of jack-hammering, and I pulled the short straw..ahh err.. am the lucky one who got to stay home!

I actually don't mind working from home at all (helloooo yoga pants!) but it is a bit loud here today haha.  One plus side to staying home today, however, is my new co-worker who is being totally helpful, not at all distracting, and definitely not stealing my food!  (It's okay, jokes on her.  She's still trying to figure out how to eat the pistachio shell that she took from my bowl... ) Overall I'm just impressed she's not upstairs hiding under a bed.

Obviously very exciting things happening here lately.  Bet you can't wait for the update on cleaning the gutters to come! haha