Today is THURSDAY.

Yesterday I remember thinking "Oh hey, it's Tuesday.  I should write a blog post!"  It wasn't Tuesday, and I didn't write that blog post.  That's a pretty good summary of how this week is going.  I LOVE 3 day weekends.  And, I usually love the 4 day week that comes after them.  Usually I would be pleasantly surprised when, thinking it was Wednesday, I found out it was actually Thursday.  "Yay! The week is almost over!" I'd think. 

Not this week.

This week is filled with auditors who keep saying "JUMP!" and a boss that keeps assuring me that the correct answer really is "How high?" and not "Screw you! I'll jump when I feel like jumping."  This week is full of deadlines upon deadlines and "Oh hey, remember that thing from December we've been putting off?  It needs to be done by tomorrow."  It's still worrying about the announcement that other insurance company made last week that no one really knows how to react to except that it most certainly means bad things and we should all panic and run around in circles until we pass out from lack of oxygen. 

"Oh but you must at least get a break when you go home for the night, right?" You must be thinking.  Sure, on a normal 4 day week that's exactly what would happen.  I'd still be relaxed from the 3 day weekend, and I'd be thinking "Wow! This coming weekend is going to be here so soon!  What should I do with all of my free time??" But not this week.  This week I come home to thinking about that thing that's happening in 6 months and will suck all of the life out of me.  That thing that I need to pay approximately $5000 to prepare for, and certainly that's crazy, and certainly that's too much and certainly we don't have that kind of money lying around, but in the end there isn't really a choice, is there?  This week is coming home to that other thing that I've been worrying about all week that has to do with that person I love so much, but if I'm being honest I've actually been thinking about it all day whether I was at work in meetings or not.  There's no easy solution to it, and it breaks my heart, but not as much as it's breaking theirs.

This week also means coming home to a husband that's as burnt out and stressed as I am.  A husband that had to work on Monday, so while he's had less of a break, he at least knows what day it is. 

So what do you do when your week looks like this?  (Besides forget to post on your blog?) Well if you're at all like me...

You color.

Yup, that's right.  Every night this week I've been coming home and channeling my inner 5 year old, and coloring in my coloring book.  My adult coloring book.  It says so right there on the front cover.  And since I think I fit the definition of an adult, I shall feel no shame in the fact that I've spent hours this week debating whether or not I should color a certain leaf dark green, light green, or blueish green. 

Adult coloring Book

So here's to coloring becoming an acceptable adult activity again and for the weekend fast approaching, whether we're ready for it or not!

How's your week been going?
When's the last time you colored?