Screw You January

So maybe you've noticed something.  A Tuesday here or there, a Thursday post that comes on a Friday, and then all of a sudden an entire week goes by... and no blog posts!  I wish I could say it was because we were off doing fabulous things and just didn't have the time to pause and recap here, because we were having so much fun!

Instead I blame it on our position on the calendar.  That upper left hand corner, that is so dark and depressing, even my synesthesia likes to play jokes on me by not letting me see past March from this position.  It's like the summer doesn't even exist.  Birthday months of April and May? Can't see them.  Fun holidays in the distance? Nope... all I can see is winter and cold and darkness. 

January exhausts me, always has.  It feels like it sucks away all of my creative energy and makes me want to get in bed and not come out until the end of March.  Or at least until it time to jump on a plane and head to warmer weather (33 days and COUNTING!)

January and February.  It's like finally getting to the end of a rough school year with a teacher you didn't like, only to realize she's going to be your teacher for the next school year too (Or so I've been told).  Just when you think you've accomplished something by getting through January, February comes along.  And this year it's just taunting me with it's extra day.  I used to laugh at my dad when he complained that the leap day was in February when really he'd rather have it in July.  Who cares?  It's just one day.  Well it may have taken a few years, but now I care! GO AWAY LEAP DAY! WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE!  You can't sit at our lunch table.

It's not like good things haven't been happening, they have.  Friday brought amazing news actually.  Friday brought news that had me doing my happy dance at work and bouncing up and down the aisles of cubicles on our floor.  It brought a fist bump from my boss (and perhaps more importantly, a raise), it brought a fancy dinner out from my husband, and tears of joy from me.  Today promises some fun activities as well (as soon as I can get Tom out of bed).

It's just, these fun things would be MORE fun if they happened in a different month. 

So bear with me while I try to hibernate my way through these next 33 days and try to finish the many blog drafts just sitting in my folder.  In the meantime, at least we can celebrate that today is the LAST DAY of January!!

How do you feel about January?
What do you do to keep the winter blues away?