Foto Dump Friday

Have you ever gone through your recent photo gallery on your phone and thought "holy cow, I'm a crazy person!" ?  No?  Just me?

Well I was doing that today and cracking up as I went through all the random pictures I take.  Most of them should just be deleted, and a few I'm still wondering why I took in the first place.  I was just about to get rid of them all when I decided to throw them up here instead, so everyone else could laugh at my randomness.  Maybe I'm not alone.  If you have random crazy pictures on your phone that you wonder why you took, send them to me!  We can have a contest for the silliest pictures from my friends and families phones! 

But before we do that, I did say I was going to show you what's on my phone. 

I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that I have a few cat pictures in my gallery.  Usually I take them with the intention of showing them to Tom later, but I only sometimes actually send him those pictures.  My recent Maia pictures include her hiding in the closet door, her sleeping on my legs (which while cute, was keeping me pinned down to the couch) and Maia tucked in to the blankets.  I know. It makes me look like a crazy cat lady. 

I also have a picture I took of where I parked my car recently so I wouldn't forget.  It only takes losing your car once in a parking garage or lot to become paranoid about those things.  So now I tend to take a picture. 50/50 on whether it actually helps me find my car, but luckily I had no problem that night.  Then there's a creepy Santa/Christmas Tree/Reindeer combo that I saw while shopping with Nicole. I can't remember why I took a picture of it other than it was creepy looking.  Then the third picture is how one of Tom's Christmas presents came out of the box.  It was all torn up, clearly had been returned and repackaged at some point, and was kind of a disgrace.  I had intended to complain to Amazon, but I was busy and forgot about it for a while, and now I'm not sure I have the energy.  The thing itself was unharmed (really just a pole to attach our GoPRO to) so in the long run it doesn't really matter.  I was still mad when I got the package though.

Next there were some pictures of our partly dead Christmas tree.  Again, something I took a picture of because I was upset, and planned to... I'm not sure, do something?  Our tree hasn't been up for THAT long (at least compared to how long I usually keep trees up), but it completely died.  Considering that we cut it down fresh, I wasn't expecting that.  But still, it stopped drinking water, and entire branches would just drop all of their needles every time you walked by.  Oddly enough, it was only sections of the tree.  Other parts still looked great, and the needles wouldn't even fall off if you pulled on them.  We ended up taking it down on New Year's Day before I went into the office.   

Finally I have this picture I took of my desk at work.  I meant to post it on Instagram and thank Nicole for sending me the cute note, but I think I decided against it at the last minute because I realized my plant was looking a little iffy and figured my sister would yell at me for killing it.  I'm not actually sure if it's dying, but if I had to guess I'm probably not giving it enough sun.  Not my fault there's no sun in Boston in the winter. 

So what do you think, am I odd?
Do you have random pictures like this on your phone?