A Tale as Old as Time

This past Saturday, Tom and I had tickets to see Beauty and the Beast in Boston!  Besides being one of my favorite Disney movies, it's definitely got my favorite Disney music in it, so I was excited.  Our show was at 3:30 (which I was looking forward to since it meant I wouldn't have to try and stay up past my bedtime), but I quickly realized that an early show meant a lot of small children.  It was so cute to see all the little girls completely decked out in princess dresses, tiaras, and fancy shoes.  I'm not sure when this trend started (it wasn't a thing when I was younger) but it's adorable.  The only thing not so adorable was the number of parents drinking while out with their small children.  Definitely not something that we understand.

The actual show was great.  If I've talked to any of you lately about Broadway shows, you know that I've been having a problem with the ones I've seen recently.  I usually enjoy the first act, but don't really like the second act.  So it should explain to you how much I enjoyed this one, if I tell you that I LOVED the second act!  In fact I loved every second of the whole show. 

Apparently I'm a sucker for Disney and Beauty and the Beast. I think I had tears in my eyes for most of the second act, and I got goosebumps at least twice.  As soon as Mrs. Potts started to sing "Tale as Old as Time," I was a goner.  Definitely one of my favorite songs, I was telling Tom that when I was younger it was the first song on my goodnight tape - a mixed tape that my dad made for me.  I would play it every night as I was trying to fall asleep.  I'd always lie in bed singing "Tale as Old as Time" and then listen to the next few songs before falling asleep.  It's probably telling that I can only remember the first 3 songs on it - apparently it worked well enough that I didn't usually make it further than that!

One funny moment of the show:  when Lefou made his first appearance on stage, there was audible cheering, clapping and whistling.  Tom and I looked at each other and went, "Whoa, he has a cheering section tonight."  Every time he had a moment on stage, he got cheers, and he definitely received the loudest laughter throughout the show as well.  At the end when he came out to give his bow, there was an ENTIRE SECTION that stood up cheering and waving headshots of Matt Dasilva (the actor who plays Lefou) in the air.  Matt's from RI and went to Harvard, so it made sense he would have the most friends and family in the audience.  It was definitely entertaining.  The show's instagram even posted a group picture of his crew after the show:

Have you seen Beauty and the Beast?
What's your favorite show you've seen recently?