Final Details Recap

One of the best decisions Tom and I made, was to take a few days off leading up to our wedding.  This allowed us to have time to take care of last minute details without being too rushed or stressed.  It turned out that we really needed that time!


We spent most of Wednesday finishing up writing the notes to guests that we wanted to have for everyone at their place when they sat down.  It was really important to us that we took some time to thank everyone for being part of our special day, and really let them know what they mean to us and how much we appreciate them.  Even though it took us weeks to write them, I think it was worth it!


I spent all of Thursday running errands with my maid of honor.  Yes, it was two days before the wedding and I hadn't even thought about the jewelry I was going to wear! We solved that problem, picked up some fun socks to wear with my bright turquoise converse sneakers, got me a beach bag for my honeymoon, and even got our nails done!  On top of that, another bridesmaid (Linzy) was on her way to Boston, and I picked her up at the bus station.  Tom was equally busy, running around with his own list of errands that day.


Friday was the day that all of our planning and preparations came together.  The day started out with me, Nicole, and Linzy running all over the city buying all of the gerbera daisies and other flowers we could find.  In my laziness/inability to spend thousands of dollars on flowers/general non-pickiness, I had never hired a florist.  We didn't need flowers for the tables, Tom doesn't like flowers on suits, so all we needed was bouquets for the girls.  Even so, most florists in town charged hundreds of dollars per bouquet.  Instead I used my sister's talents and had her create them from scratch.  That's right, those beautiful bouquets we were carrying were created from grocery store flowers and put together on the floor of our hotel room! Isn't she AMAZING!?

Friday was also the day we dropped off all of the decorations, the corn hole sets, etc to the Skywalk in the Prudential tower.  Trust me when I say that was a process!  Getting everything loaded in cars, getting the corn hole boards up the Prudential elevators next to about a 100 German tourists, parking.. it was a bit stressful!  The funny thing was, as the day went on, I got more and more relaxed since all of my planning was over, but Tom was getting more and more stressed!  All of the things he was responsible for was starting and he was running around like crazy!

A lot of our guests also started to arrive on Friday.  One of the funnier parts of the day occurred when we were dropping off Tom's luggage and gift bags at the Westin.  We had pulled our car up, and noticed that the next car in line looked a little familiar - it was my parents' car, just arriving from Vermont! Weren't they surprised to hear someone calling their name when they got out of their car!

Speaking of gift bags, we were also running around delivering those to the different hotels that people were staying at, so that hopefully most of the guests who stayed over in Boston at least one night got one of those! 

Yes, the only bag I messed up was my own. Ooops!

Yes, the only bag I messed up was my own. Ooops!

And of course, the biggest part of Friday was the Rehearsal and dinner!  More about that to come...