Spearsons, Meet the Spearsons...

It's official!

This week I went to the courthouse and submitted the paperwork for my name change.  It was a really easy process, and the people at the courthouse were very helpful.

Ever since then (and especially since we decided on a hashtag) we've both had the "Meet the Flintstones" song stuck in our head. The other day at work my inner nerd came through and I came up with personalized lyrics for us (I admit I knew the original theme and lyrics without any help).

Make sure you press play on the audio file below as you read along:

Spearsons! Meet the Spearsons!
They’re a modern Boston fam-i-ly.
From the, Courts of Cambridge,
It is now official, le-gal-ly

So step one in making this our legal family name is now completed!  Look how official looking it is.  It even has a cool shiny seal on it! Next step will be obtaining our marriage license, hopefully this week!