Getting SO Close! (Part I)

We're getting so close I can SEE it! (ha, Synesthesia joke there...)

I'm so overwhelmed, and for once it isn't because of things that need to be done.  Oh there's always more that can be done, but due to my insane necessity for planning I'm doing okay in that area now.  (Here's where I should just apologize to Tom, my entire family, all the bridesmaids, and probably the groomsmen - but seriously, thank you for putting up with my need to plan the bachelor(ette) a YEAR in advance...)

No, what I'm most overwhelmed by is the thought of having so many people that I care about, so deeply, all in the same room!  How often does that happen!?  I keep finding myself sitting here thinking about everyone I'm going to see, and how much it means to me that everyone is giving up their holiday weekend, traveling to Boston (and I know how expensive that is!), and I get so overwhelmed by gratefulness, love, excitement, happiness...

Pretty much my mind looks like a slideshow of happiness right now, kind of like this:

Getting excited to see a lot of this face in the next few days!

Can't WAIT to see this guy. Maybe minus the bearded dragon though... she can stay home.  (please!)

Will definitely be seeing these guys! And hopefully observing some similarly intense conversations :)

I think everyone is excited to see this face at the wedding

Definitely getting excited to see this face at the wedding!

Yup, she's going to be there too.  Without the lambs, unfortunately.

And one last trip down memory lane.. back to July 5th, 2014.  A clueless Caitlin who had no idea what the next year and a half would hold for her, and an extremely patient and nervous Tom who smiled for my never ending selfies.

Next time take off the sunglasses Caitlin...