Getting even CLOSER! (Part II)

Not much has changed since Monday - I'm still super excited for this weekend, and still super excited to see everyone!  I thought I'd use this time, though, to give a few more shout outs to people I'm getting excited to see at the wedding! 

Of course I couldn't get married without my mini me!

Gonna need this one by my side!

Okay so not all of these people are coming, but Tom isn't obsessive about pictures like I am, so I don't have many of you guys!

ALL of these people will be there! YAY!

Just kidding! Jimmy will NOT be at the wedding... (unless someone knows someone???)

But my ninja turtle prince WILL be there! (At least he better be! :) haha)

So if you'll excuse me, I'll go finish jumping up and down getting excited for this weekend!!!