Down to Single Digits!

9 Days. Wow.

It doesn't seem real, that after counting down for over a year, we're down to single digits.  I think I've been in denial for the past few weeks that our wedding was actually coming up so quickly!  As I was sitting in a staff meeting yesterday going over my notes on a presentation I was about to give, a few co-workers walked in with a cake and decorations.  I stared at them, confused and trying to figure out why Dave was waving a turquoise and coral table cloth around, when my friend Tamara turned to me and said "You know this is for you, right?"  I had no idea! 

Blame it on bride brain, but I feel like I've been walking around in a hazy cloud, with lists just circling my mind.  I'm pretty sure my co-workers (who like to point out that I will hear a conversation down the hall in the kitchen, even if I have headphones on, if it's something that interests me) won't let me live down for a while that they managed to surprise me.

So what have the past few days, weekends, weeks looked like?  Well there's been a lot of crafting.  In the past month alone, I've made all the the decorations for the reception, the center pieces, the name cards, the cake toppers, the favors, and probably pretty much anything else you see at the wedding.  Yes I'm aware I'm insane, and probably never should have decided to create this wedding from scratch, but it just seemed so easy to keep adding one more thing...!

We've also picked up our marriage license, my dress, and are working as I type on our wedding ceremony with Jack.  Things are starting to feel REAL!