Six things Sunday

1.    Our maid of honor got married!

We just got back from a wonderful weekend in Vermont celebrating the marriage of Nicole and Stephen.  It was beautiful, tons of fun, and everything we could have hoped for.  To read more about the wedding, check out Tom's recap here.  We're currently awaiting Nicole and Stephen's return from their honeymoon in St. Lucia.  WE MISS YOU GUYS! 

2.    It’s our anniversary!

Well technically it's our anniversary weekend.  Friday was our dating anniversary, and today is our engagement anniversary!  And now we get to celebrate with fireworks every year :)  (which were loud and right outside our window last night.  The fuzzy creatures hiding under our bed did not appreciate it).

3.    I ran another 5k!

This one was pretty intimidating, but also super cool.  The run was at Gillette stadium, home of the super bowl champions!  The first mile led us around the outside of the stadium, after which we entered the stadium and ran up 12 ramps to the top level of the stadium. (SO. MANY. RAMPS.)  There was a super cool view of the inside of the stadium and the surrounding landscapes from the top as we did a lap around the concession stands.  Then we got to run down the ramps, out the back of the stadium, and back in through the tunnel the players run through until we were on the field, and crossed the finish line at the 50 yard line!  Tom was in the lower bowl of the stadium taking pictures as I crossed the finish line. 

After the race was over, we had dinner with a group of friends, enjoyed Patriot Place a bit, and then headed back to our car where we were able to watch an awesome firework display.  It was synced to music played on a local radio station and went a full 20 minutes - it gave Boston's show a run for it's money!  Tom and I both had a bunch of fun, and think we've found our new annual tradition. 

4.    The count down is on to our bachelor(ette) weekend

Our next big wedding milestone is coming up!  In three weeks, our wedding party will all be together in Boston for the first time.  We're looking forwarding to spending time with everyone, introducing the people who haven't met yet, and then splitting up into two groups to enjoy some quality time with our best friends before the wedding craziness hits with full force.

5.    Wedding #Hashtag

If you find yourself posting pictures leading up to or at the wedding, or if you'd just like to follow along more closely with our planning process, you can now follow #MeetTheSpearsons.  Everything is fair game, we only ask that no pictures be taken during the ceremony in the church on our wedding day.

6.    We get to meet my godson next weekend!

Next weekend we'll be heading back to Vermont to meet my godson Wyatt!  It's his baptism and we're super excited for it :)  This little guy has lived way too long without meeting his godmother!