5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!!  The sun is shining, I have my iced dunks...life is good!

I've been having a hard time finding the time to write longer posts, so I'm going to try a quick brain dump today!

The lovely bride!

The lovely bride!

  1.  My maid of honor is getting married in 15 days!!  Which means I'll be spending all day tomorrow helping her take care of last minute details.  I think we're in pretty good shape and she's still pretty calm and level headed given that we're so close to the big day!  I hope that I handle things as well as she is when I'm two weeks out from our wedding!  (Full disclosure, her prediction is that I'll "start murdering people" as we get closer haha!)



  1. I'm getting pretty good at this website, but for some reason I can't figure out how to make this bullet point #2 instead of making it another #1 while keeping the spacing that I want.  I could spend an annoying amount of time trying to fix it... or I could go with my new wedding attitude of "eh, close enough."  As the wedding gets closer, my type A, everything needs to perfectly fit my vision is turning into, "will anyone really care/notice/mind?" 

3. Against all odds, I think I'm becoming a runner.  The bug has bit me, and I think obsessed would be an understatement at this point.  I want to sign up for ALL THE RACES!  and buy ALL THE FUN RUNNING THINGS!  Unfortunately, I'm still not very good at it haha.  I have it in my mind that I'm magically going to go out and run 4 miles and be super fast and cool, and then end up stopping because everything hurts because my body hasn't quite caught up with this goal of mine. 

Until then, I'm going to keep signing up for every race that offers me a shiny medal and a chance to wear fun running gear! (Next 5k is 3 weeks from today!)


4.  The USPS and I are not friends lately.  I've gone from loving checking the mail every day to see what fun things are in store for me, to dreading going because it only confirms my suspicions that we've not been getting all of our mail.  It started with some birthday cards that were sent that I never received, and has been confirmed with an important letter sent priority mail that never arrived.  While that's certainly a bummer and frustrating, it's making me wonder if the same thing will happen with our wedding RSVPs... which means I'm probably going to have to make a lot of calls in July to see if people are late sending it back, or if I can add it to the list of things our mailman is keeping for himself. 

5. In more wedding planning updates, we're making headway on picking music for the ceremony!  Many of you might assume this would be easy for us, especially given that Tom is the head of the music committee at church, but we've been having a really hard time!  Besides the fact that finding a song that we both like is nearly impossible, throw in the fact that it should be loosely church/wedding appropriate, finding songs has been difficult.  We did meet with Harry, our minister of music, and managed to convince him to only use the piano (I really dislike the organ) and found a few things that may work for the processional and recessional.  I'm also holding tight to my attitude from above that most of you won't notice and/or will forget what was played by the time you reach the reception!