The Real Reason Everyone Gets Married...


A few weeks ago we had our dinner tasting with the Top of the Hub, who will be catering our reception.  I'm pretty sure it was Tom's dream come true.  We tried 6 different appetizers, different salads, first courses, and three main dishes.  Everything was so delicious, I'm not sure how I'll pick which one I want to eat on the big day!  (Or I'll just have to steal bites from everyone else's plate - come on, you know you won't say no to the bride!)

This past week we also had our first of two cake tasting appointments.  Even though we're 95% sure we'll go with this bakery, Tom insists we try all the cake we can before we make a decision :)  I'm not the biggest cake fan (so don't be surprised if there is more than one option for dessert at the wedding) but Tom will vouch for the yumminess of the the cake.  My favorite part was picking the cake design, even though Tom and I disagreed on almost every aspect at the beginning!  I think we've both picked something fun that we like though.

We're also in the middle of finalizing some not-as-fun wedding decisions, but I won't bore you with those.  In the next few months, though, fun things should be arriving in the mail! 

Oh and have I mentioned we're in the middle of a kitchen renovation? Saying that things are a bit chaotic right now would be a HUGE understatement!  The next 3 months are shaping up to be very busy for us, but we're hoping the summer will be nice and relaxing leading up to the wedding ;)

This week's progress.  Only 3 more weeks of reno to go!