Hello Brian Fans!

So this website has some cool behind the scenes features built in that I've been playing with a bit recently.  It lets me see if people are coming to this site directly by typing in the address, or if they've come from Facebook or perhaps by Googling us. 

It also shows us what pages people are visiting the most...

... why hello there Brian fans! 

Not that it's a competition amongst our wedding party, but if it were, Brian would clearly be winning!  I feel like I should cater to all of the Brian fans out there... more pictures perhaps??

Or maybe it's just all the actuarial love out there.  People clearly know where it's at.  Okay I'm done.  </Brian Embarrassment>

I was originally paying attention to this page because I was worried people were getting our 404 error page so often.  I've searched for bad links and haven't found any (although if you find some, please let me know!), so then I found another cool page that lets you see the IP address that is visiting each page... and 100% of the 404 error page visits are coming from an IP address in Greenwich, CT!  I won't name names, but we know who you are! :)

I've blurred the IP address for privacy, but trust me it's the same.

I've blurred the IP address for privacy, but trust me it's the same.

Now don't get me wrong, our 404 page is adorable and worth a visit at some point (just type in a wrong address that doesn't exist like www.meetthespearsons.com/CaitlinIsAwesome if you're wondering how) but if you happen to be visiting it daily, it might be time to update your bookmarks...

Hmmm... anyone think I should be spending my free time doing something more useful... like planning a wedding that is coming up in 133 days!?!