Our Tree

I just realized that I never posted a full picture of our completely decorated tree!  I've posted about a million Christmas updates, so no decorated tree is unacceptable! Let me fix that!

Looking at this picture, I realized this was pre "Tom needs to fix the star because Caitlin is too short to get it on straight" so it looks a little special.  Rest assured, our star looks way better currently. 

You can also see a reflection in the window of some of our other lights we've put up. Let's pretend that was on purpose and not me forgetting to shut all other lights off before taking this photo!

Our tree may be small, but i love it. It makes me so happy when I get home every night and can see the tree lit up from the street (light timers are amazing inventions!)

Turns out our little Christmas kitty loves it to.  She's been using it to "hide" under hoping that the birds landing on our balcony won't notice her.  If she's not curled up at my feet, she tends to be under the tree.  For the most part she's left the ornaments alone - just using a few to rub her face on from time to time.  I always thought we'd have problems with her climbing the tree, but apparently she hasn't realized she can do that.  Don't tell her!

What does your tree look like?