Christmas Crafts!

We've been getting (more) in the Christmas spirit over here!  For some reason, every time December hits, I feel the need to create things.  Whether it's elaborate bows on presents or yummy treats, I always seem to be doing something on the weekends.

This year, I managed to pull Tom into the crafts!  I found these cute kits to make some unique Christmas ornaments.  They use battery operated tea lights to make the nose of whatever creature you'd like.  I made a reindeer and Tom made a snowman.

They really weren't that hard to put together, it just required us to spend some time with my favorite glue gun.  I think we spent more time trying to take a picture.  For some reason we just couldn't get it together.  Every picture we took, we either looked crazy or couldn't manage to look at the camera.. we were having issues!  At least our ornaments looked good :)


I also made some cookies last weekend.  It was my first time making a shortbread cookie, and I'm a little mixed on the results.  They're definitely melt in your mouth, but they're missing the intense flavor I like in sweets.  They're awfully pretty though!

Have you done any crafting lately?  Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie recipe?