It's November 5th, which means...

We've been married for 2 months! 

Holy cow, how did that happen?

In some ways it's hard to believe we've already been married two months.  It certainly hasn't sunk in to us yet, and we still talk about the day all the time.  I know we each have a wedding ring on our finger, and we jokingly refer to each other as husband and wife, but it's real

In other ways, the wedding seems like forever ago.  So much has happened since then.  Life is busy and continues on, major milestones or not.  At times the wedding seems like a strange and wonderful dream that happened years ago, it's so out of place in the rest of our life.  

This should probably say that I have an awesome husband!

This should probably say that I have an awesome husband!

I'm not sure how long we're officially categorized as "newlyweds," but I'm going to enjoy the moment for now. I don't expect to celebrate each monthiversary, but it's a fun thing to comment on when I do happen to recognize the day. Besides let's be honest, I'd probably forget even if I was trying to celebrate each one.  October 5th totally passed me by until Tom showed up with flowers.  He's way better at this than I am! 

Happy (2 month) anniversary to us!