Brief Thanksgiving Celebration, then more Christmas!

Thanksgiving was never one of those holidays that I got too excited for.  Maybe because I don't love food as much as some other people, so to me, it's just another meal? Or maybe because it feels like the one final thing standing between me and when I can officially start celebrating Christmas?

Since I've moved to Boston, it's become harder for me to get back to Vermont for Thanksgiving - especially without taking off the day before or the day after.  I found I'd much rather save my vacation days for Christmas, and be able to take a much longer trip back home instead of two shorter trips so close together. So a few years ago (actually it might be more like 6-8 years ago now..) I stumbled upon a new Thanksgiving tradition - spending the day with my cousins' family!

My aunt actually hosts Thanksgiving for her husband's side of the family, but I've managed to sneak my way in over the years. Two years ago they welcomed Tom to their Thanksgiving dinner with open arms, and we were super excited to spend the day with them again this year. 

We were both be back to work today, but tomorrow we'll be traveling to NH for one of my favorite Christmas traditions - The Trans-Siberian Orchestra!!  I can't even count how many times I've seen them, or how many of my friends and family I've dragged to their shows, but it's been so long that it doesn't feel like Christmas until I've seen them.  This year they're playing a new show/CD, so I'm sure we'll have an amazing time!


Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?  Did you travel or stay home? 
Have you ever seen The Trans-Siberian Orchestra?