Friday Five: 5 Things I Love About Today

Do you ever have one of those weeks where nothing good seems to happen? Or when your focus seems to always be on the negative?  It's felt like there's been a dark cloud hanging over us all week, and I'm ready for it to be gone!

One of the ways I like to turn around a week like this, is to focus on what is going well.  And since I missed my blog post yesterday (slash you probably didn't notice I had been trying to stick to a schedule did you, and now I just outed myself??), I was looking for some inspiration and just happened across a fun link-up that was doing a "Five Things (I Love) Friday."  Instead of posting five random things that I love in life, I'm going to really try and pick out five things about TODAY that I love(d). 

So, five things I love about today:

1.  It's Friday

This may be a little obvious, but it's a good place to start.  Fridays now mean jeans days for me at work, which is still enough of a novelty, that it automatically improves my mood.  It also means the end of a week, so as bad as it might have been, at least it's OVER!  I love Fridays for their promise of a whole weekend that lies ahead with no real commitments or deadlines.  Monday seems so far away, and everything is full of possibility.

2. Lunch with an old friend

Many of you know that there wasn't much that was positive about my previous job that I left in February.  However, there was one guy there who was great, and kept me sane while I worked there.  If I'd been able to find a way to report directly to him, or keep him in the office more (he's on the road a lot) I might have been happier there.  We'd been trying (and failing) to get together for lunch since August, and today it finally happened! It was great to catch up, get updated on him and his family, share some wedding photos, and just chat.  It was fun and relaxing and a great start to the weekend.

3. Project Runway

I haven't watched a full season of project runway since college, but this season has roped me back in.  It started out on our honeymoon actually!  There was a day when we were done with the beach and just wanted to hide from the sun a bit and kill some time until dinner, and happened to catch a marathon of the first few episodes.  Immediately two designers caught my attention - one of which is actually from Boston.  Amazingly, they've both made it to the top 4!  The episodes actually air Thursday nights, but I'm long in bed by that time, so they're my treat to watch when I get home on Friday.  Tom usually gets home in time to watch the runway with me.  I love the way that a good show just lets you curl up on the couch for a period of time, relax, and forget about whatever else is going on in your life. Bonus points if you happen to have a warm latte in your hand at the same time.

Added Bonus #1: This crazy creature is feeling super cuddly and crazy right now. She makes me laugh

Added Bonus #1: This crazy creature is feeling super cuddly and crazy right now. She makes me laugh

Added Bonus #2: Sunsets have been super awesome lately. The moon was also out today which was super cool.

Added Bonus #2: Sunsets have been super awesome lately. The moon was also out today which was super cool.

4. Advice from Mentors

There are certain people in my life whose opinions I value and seek out more than others.  People who I look up to, and who I tend to ask for advice when I'm either dealing with big life decisions, or am stressed out about something.  Today I was able to sit down with one of those people for a good chunk of time and get his thoughts on a few things going on in my life.  He offered some great insights, words of wisdom, and suggestions on things I should be doing.  It makes me a bit more optimistic, and gives me some direction for the near term. 

5. Time with my husband

(Let's pause here and smile and enjoy using the word husband!  Not sure when I'll get tired of how fun that is to say, but it hasn't happened yet!) 
A long, rough week means not a lot of time to relax with Tom.  All week we've been sending each other messages at work about conversations we'd like to have, as soon as we have time and are both in the same room!  Friday nights mean the two of us at home with some uninterrupted time to really talk about things and enjoy each others company. 

So there you have it, my attempt to be positive and start the weekend off right!  Are there any things going on in your life right now that are particularly good or exciting?  Are you in need of some positivity too?

I mentioned this was a link up.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it's when someone (the host) will give everyone a topic to write about, and then everyone can post links to their post.  It's a fun way to find new blogs that you might not otherwise know about.  This link up is hosted by three lovely ladies who have been providing some fun running inspiration to me lately!  If you have some free time, check out their blogs!