First Look Recap - Part II

(Part I)

The time before the ceremony was so special and fun, I realized in my last post that I had so much to share that it was taking me forever, so I had to split it up!  At the end of the last post, Tom was nervously waiting for me on Comm Ave, his back turned, his feet shifting back and forth.  The groomsmen were all taking bets on whether or not Tom would cry, and the girls were just turning from Exeter Street onto Comm Ave.  As we got closer, everyone was straining to make out Tom.  He was hidden behind a statue, so the groomsmen, waiting off to the side, were the first to catch my attention.

As I was walking towards Tom, I kept waiting for the nerves to hit me, but instead I think I was giggling.  I was having so much fun, and I couldn't wait to show Tom the dress!  When he was finally given the signal to turn around, there were smiles and there were tears. (sorry groomsmen, I knew he'd cry!)  After seeing how sharp and awesome we both looked, we were able to just hang out and catch each other up on what had been going on.  We hadn't talked since the day before, and even then we'd both been busy and running around.


Eventually we called over the rest of the wedding party, and took some staged pictures, but it quickly dissolved into us being goofy and fun.  It seemed to be a contest in who could come up with the most fun picture to take!  It was just the best day to spend some quality time with the people who are closest to us, and have been with us through every part of this journey.  Comm Ave was the perfect spot, since it was in the shade, and private-ish (except for the occasional skateboarder or couple walking their dogs) and off in our own little world.

We eventually decided to go with the complete opposite feel, and head down Newbury street!  If you've ever wanted to stop traffic, step into the middle of Newbury Street in a wedding dress. It was so fun to just be part of the crowd, walking down the street - such a normal every day thing, but in such an unique situation on a very not normal day.  We got some very Bostonian pictures and just basked in the excitement of the day and the energy of the city.

Eventually it was time to head to the church, sneaking through the back ally so that no one would catch a glimpse of us.  It also gave us an opportunity to do another first look, this time with my parents, since we were all there early.  I'm so glad we were able to capture that moment.

Up next, the ceremony!

Hey wedding party!  Do you have any fun memories from this part of the day?  Things I may have missed or not been a part of?  Favorite moments? Comment below and share them - I'd love to hear them!!