Ed Sheeran at Gillette Stadium!

Finally the event we've been counting down for all year has arrived!  No, not the wedding - ED SHEERAN! I became obsessed with him when his last album X was released, and bought a copy for the car.  I then proceeded to play it on repeat (sometimes just the same two tracks) over and over again on multiple long road trips until Tom was forced to become a fan as well.  Nicole also joined us (as she tends to appreciate most talented musicians and will almost never say no when I ask her to go to something), as did Jill (who became a fan after googling "who is Ed Sheeran" when we asked her if she'd like to come). 

The concert was at Gillette stadium, and was Ed's first NFL stadium and largest US show! We got floor seats (grass seats? Plastic floor covering the turf seats?) and were super excited!

Yes I know I'm wearing a Taylor Swift hoodie, and as the security guard checking my ticket so helpfully stated "Taylor Swift isn't here tonight."  But if you follow my logic, the last time I was at Gillette was for a Taylor Swift concert, and the last time Ed Sheeran was at Gillette, he was opening for Taylor Swift!  Therefore, appropriate hoodie.

Although the theme of the night was definitely "singer/song writer with a guitar," the acts were varied and all impressive.  Almost always I tolerate concert openers, but never really enjoy them.  For once, I was excited to see the openers and made sure we were in our seats for the whole thing.

Christina Perri was up first.  I was especially excited to see her, since we had just walked down the aisle to her song at Nicole's wedding.  Although you can't tell in the picture I took of her, she was hands down, the happiest performer I've ever seen.  She was so obviously delighted to be on stage, that even while singing a sad and depressing song, she was smiling big, bouncing up and down, and skipping across the stage.  Seriously the cutest thing ever, she was fun to watch.

Passenger was up next.  Only knowing one song, I had no real expectations, but he was hilarious!  He was quick to apologize to anyone expecting a full band (apparently Passenger broke up in 2009, but he kept the name for his solo act) or anyone thinking he was there to perform "Let It Go."  He's the "Let Her Go" guy instead. Slight difference :)


Of course that was all just a bonus.  The real reason we were there was to see everyone's favorite British ginger.  If you haven't seen him live, it's really quite amazing.  He's completely alone up on stage, just him, a guitar and a loop pedal, but if you weren't watching you might think he has a band and backup singers.  It's so much fun to watch him build up every song.  He'll record backup vocals, percussion, whatever he needs, and then sing over it.  (It's way cooler than it sounds)

Ed Sheeran at Gillette

He also has incredible range.  He can go from singing a love ballad that will make you cry, to rapping a song that would give Eminem a run for his money!  Slow songs, upbeat songs, cover songs, you name it, he did it.  He even did a duet with Christina Perri, and then Chris Martin from Coldplay (or Jennifer Lawrence's on again/off again beau, GOOPs ex, half the decision to name a child Apple... however you want to describe him) showed up!  He stayed on stage to play two songs with Ed, and apparently GOOP, Apple and Moses were even in the audience somewhere.

The whole show was amazing.  I think we all had a great time, and I could have stood there for days watching him perform.  (Okay so I was maybe bouncing up and down, screaming the lyrics along with him...close enough).  Such an amazing night - well that is until it came time to try to get out of the parking lot!  It took over an hour for us to even be able to move - blurgh!  I don't understand why Gillette hasn't figured out how to get people out of the parking lots after an event yet.  It's not like it's a new thing - they have at least one concert a month in the summer, and football games all winter.  There has got to be a better way than just letting cars ram into each other in the parking lot - let the most obnoxious car win!

Still, it was worth it.  I'd gladly sit in the hours of traffic and deal with the approximately 4 hours of sleep we got that night to see him again.  Come back soon Ed!


Have you been to any concerts lately?
Who's your favorite musician you've been listening to?