Ceremony Recap

So although we told everyone the ceremony started at 4:30, we had told the church 4:45 since we figured there might be some latecomers looking for parking, or something might go wrong, so we added in a bit of a buffer.  However, when 4:30 hit, I was READY TO GET MARRIED!  My bridesmaids and I let everyone know we were ready, and headed outside to Boylston street, ready to go!  It was an odd feeling to be lined up, ready to walk down the aisle, and turning around and seeing a duck boat drive by behind you.  It was the most important moment to me, and just a regular Saturday to everyone else in Boston.

Unknown to me at the time, people inside had been running around and freaking out, since our Oathing stone hadn't made it to the church yet.  However, when someone finally told me, I wasn't worried at all.  I said something like "Eh, it will get here eventually.  Let's get started, and when it arrives just pass it up front!  I don't mind!"  It was truly an example of how I wasn't stressed, had no nerves/butterflies, but was just completely relaxed and happy and in the moment.  I think all of my bridesmaids were staring at me with their mouth's hanging open, since they were expecting me to freak out!


So we lined up, and before I knew it, The Backstreet Boys were playing (did you really expect any different from me??) and Nicole had disappeared!  It was all going so fast!  I was alone by myself in the back before I knew what happened.  And then the music changed, and I stepped out to walk down the aisle.  The first person I saw was Jackie, my co-worker.  Right behind her I saw Ryan, another one of my absolute favorites from work.  They were perfect people to see - they made me excited since I hadn't seen them yet this weekend, they weren't crying (as much) as my family, and I just remember thinking "OH MY GOSH, HI GUYS!"  It's a good thing we had done the first look earlier, since I have no memory of Tom standing at the end of the aisle from this time, (while I do have a bunch of him as I walked up to him on Comm Ave).  I think this was mostly because I was looking at the guests.  I remember catching my aunt's eye as I was almost at the front, and then next thing I knew Jack and Tom were right in front of me! 

Everything was such a blur - I'm so glad we have it on video so I can go back and relive it.  Raina and Jill both did so well with their readings.  I'm not sure how Raina managed to get through without crying, but she did perfect.  The Oathing stone part of the ceremony went perfectly (it arrived with plenty of time!) and I think for something so unique and unfamiliar to everyone in the room, everyone understood what we were trying to accomplish.  The parental, wedding party, and guest vows we definitely some of the most important parts of the ceremony to us.  We loved standing up front and watching everyone we love show us their love and support (or clear non-support by refusing to take part)  as they vowed to celebrate with us, listen to us vent when we need to, and be there for us in the coming years. 


Jack's sermon was so, so good.  It was amazingly special to us to have someone who knows us both as individuals and as a couple, perform the ceremony.  In fact, his sermon was the closest I got to tears the entire weekend. 

The vows went by quickly, and we both got through without crying!  Before I could blink, the ceremony was over and Jack was pronouncing us husband and wife!!

Everything was my favorite part, so I can't really narrow down one thing or moment, but one thing that was definitely a lot of fun was our exit!  I can't even describe how awesome it was to be heading out of the church, as a MARRIED COUPLE, hearing the bells ringing, singing Sweet Caroline (all of my Boston dreams were coming true!) and running past shocked people on the street as we made our way to Copley Square.  At one point, as I was halfway across Boylston Street, I turned around to see the wedding party running after us.  It was such a surreal and fun moment!

If you have any memories from the ceremony, things I may have missed, or favorite parts, please comment below!  I'd love to hear them!!