The Dress!

So I can't actually write much here, since one of the biggest rules of weddings seems to be that the dress is TOP SECRET! CLASSIFIED INFORMATION!!  And although Tom and I are breaking a lot of wedding rules, this probably won't be one of them...

But I did think the fact that I put down a deposit (we'll discuss later how crazy it is to buy a piece of clothing so substantial it requires a deposit...) on a dress, justified a blog post.  If for no other reason than to thank my shopping buddies: My maid of honor Nicole, my bridesmaid Linzy, and my mom.  With them along, the process was fairly quick and easy (at least for me) and much less scary than I had anticipated.  Also a super big shout out to Deb!  Those of you from Old South may know Deb as the famous knitter from Newport, VT who sent 30+ scarves to us during our marathon scarf project.  Deb also happens to work at a bridal shop, and helped me find my dress! 

My team cheered me on as I tried on dresses I couldn't breathe in, a few where I couldn't move my arms, and some that were just wrong, wrong, wrong.  In the end I think we found one that we all love, and will be perfect for the wedding!  Now I just have to wait a year before I get to wear it, and deal with this weird feeling of wanting to run out and tell everyone about it (including Tom!).  Instead I'm limited to saying things like "it's mostly what I thought I was looking for, with an added aspect that I was surprised I liked so much!" or "It had this one piece that I didn't like but Deb was able to fix it and now I love it even more" ... which tells you almost nothing haha. 

But all that really matters is that I love it, it's beautiful, and I can't wait for you all to see it!

My mom, me, Linzy and Nicole - Newport, VT on September 20th

My mom, me, Linzy and Nicole - Newport, VT on September 20th