Meet the Groomsmen: Drew

Drew Hunter Carlson
Groomsman, College Roommate of Groom
Regional Lead Inside Sales Tesla Motors

Sometimes Res Life does things right. My first encounter with Drew was when I received a nervous phone call. “So this is going to sound strange, but is there an E there?” Apparently Colgate University registered me as “E” when I applied as E. Thomas Oppedisano, and they only give out a phone number and first name of roommates to incoming freshmen.  From there, Drew and I became roommates and stuck with each other for all 4 years of college.

For most of freshman year we traveled in tandem, known as an amalgam “Tom and

Drew” or “Drew and Tom” (I’m still pretty sure some people didn’t know who was who).  We were the perfect roommates for one another: hanging out with the same friends, both studious, both sensible, both not party-machines, both relatively clean (by guy standards).  Drew and I would always be willing to lend a collective hand, whether it being at the ready to drive his mini-beast Suburban packed to the brim with friends or furniture, or to carry a drunken mess on piggy-back, home up the hill.

Besides being roommates, we are also fellow 13ers (Note from Caitlin: For non Colgate alums, "13ers" are members of Colgate's a capella group, The Colgate 13).  I still remember the night we both got into the group and were so excited to get in, and then doubly excited that it wouldn’t be awkward if one of us hadn't gotten in.  We traveled extensive distances together, crammed into a luxurious stretch vehicle.  We were both eternal designated drivers and keepers of the Grunt (Note from Caitlin: The Grunt was the name of the Colgate 13's stretch SUV they drove to performances) and regularly rode shotgun while the other drove.  And no one can touch our awesome synchronized choreography when we sing the duet choruses to Runaround Sue together.

Drew has an incredibly social personality, which helped me get to know people at Colgate.  Drew is such a friendly and selfless guy, and he would always put up with my antics.  We progressed through the formative years of our independent adult lives together and stood by each other the whole way.  Drew’s my roommate and my Brother-in-Song, and I’m so excited to have him standing up there with Caitlin and me for such an occasion as this.