Meet the Groomsmen: Brian

Brian Traczynski
Groomsan, Roommate of Groom
Actuary at Mass Mutual

My friendship with Brian was formed by what can only be described as a serendipitous series of events.  Brian and I shared the double room in our apartments both Junior and Senior years of college.  During that time we bonded and became fast friends.

Towards the end of Sophomore year, Drew and I were trying to figure out our Junior year housing.  We wanted a campus apartment, which requires 3-4 people, but all of our close friends were female.  Our friend Jill said she knew someone who would be a perfect match for the two of us, and suggested Brian.  From there, we went on the equivalent of a

blind date dinner with Brian to meet him, and see if he would be our ticket to an apartment.  And so began my lifelong friendship with Brian.

One of my most well-known traits is my love of cooking.  Living with Brian is where this all began.  I only started cooking during our time in the apartments at Colgate.  Of the three of us, Brian was clearly the most experienced cook, with Drew and I having previously ventured as far as microwave meals and cooking pasta.  I spent lots of time in the kitchen with Brian while he was cooking and picking up the base skills that have led to my present cooking obsession.  After not too long, we were trading off cooking for the apartment daily while being the other’s sous chef.

Brian was also my confidant through the later years of college.  When we weren’t running to and from town through the local middle school fields, we would spend many nights up late talking from our beds.    Spending so much time together, we were able to pick up on cues from each other and catch many things that were intended to be comments under our breath or intended just for ourselves.  Brian got me.  He was able to understand me most of the time, which many can attest is quite a feat given my proclivity for contrived trains of thought, and that really bolstered our friendship.

I am so happy that Colgate apartments require 3 people.  Otherwise I might not have my friendship with Brian, and I’m so glad to have him standing up with Caitlin and me for our big day.