Meet the Bridesmaids: Linzy


Linzy Vos
Bridesmaid, Sister of Bride

Linzy is an artist, a wife, a true Vermonter, very down to earth, and a pet mom to three dogs, a cat, a bunny and a bunch of chickens.  She may also be crazy, but I love her. 

Growing up Linzy and I had many of our own special traditions.  One of my favorites is how we spent most of our holidays - Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve.  We'd decide to ditch the family stuff and hide upstairs in my room and watch Will Smith movies instead.  And we'd have plenty to

choose from because I own. them. all!  Another favorite is how we'd frequently spend our afternoons after school.  We'd drive to Wendy's and order five of the five piece chicken nuggets and eat them in my car as we discussed what had happened in school that day.  The three years we shared in High School together are some of my favorite with her. 

My freshman year of High School I was overwhelmed after going from a class of 16 to a class of 300.  I felt lost, my best friend was going to school in another country, and as a result I wasn't very happy.  It wasn't until my sophomore year when Linzy joined me at school that I was able to feel comfortable and be myself.  She welcomed me into her circle of friends (which is how I became the only non musical person hanging out with band and choir geeks), and allowed me to be more outgoing and more confident. 

Growing up, she might have been the one wearing my hand-me-downs, but she has always been more mature than me, and wiser than me in many ways.  Linzy is the person you go to when you want no nonsense, tell it like it is, straight talk.  She'll let me know if I'm out of line and need to apologize to someone, or will admit when circumstances suck and are unfair, and will sit and eat chocolate with me.  She has a great perspective on life and even though she may drive me nuts some times, she's my brat and I know she'll always be by my side.  

At one of our parents friends wedding. 
Linzy Wedding