Meet the Bride & Groom

Hopefully you know at least one of us pretty well, but it's possible that you've only met our soon to be spouse a few times.  Here are a few fun facts to bring you up to speed.

The Basics:

  • Caitlin is 29, and was born on May 25th.  Tom is 28 and was born on April 11th.
  • Tom grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut, a town that has 11 elementary schools, a population of 61,000+ and is less than an hour from New York City.  Caitlin grew up in Newport Center, Vermont, a town that has one street light (which is always flashing yellow/red), a population of 1,500 and the dirt road she lived on dead ends at the Canadian boarder about a mile up the road.
  • Tom briefly considered going into music professionally, decided on a degree in religious studies from Colgate with the intention of becoming a minister, and eventually ended up as a fund accountant with a Masters in finance (yeah I don't know how that happened either).  Caitlin, on the other hand, is a total nerd and knew from when she was little that she wanted to get a degree in mathematics, which she did from Northeastern University.  She is now working as an actuary.

Random Facts:

  • Caitlin can't whistle or carry a tune.  Tom sings in their church's choir, and was part of the Colgate 13--the a cappella group at his college.  He still sings with their alumni group.
  • Tom and Caitlin met at church.  Tom grew up going to a UCC church in Greenwich, while Caitlin grew up without religion until she joined a joint UCC/Methodist church in Vermont when she was 16. 
  • Tom's first name is actually Edward. 
  • Caitlin can name all of the US presidents, in order.
  • Both Tom and Caitlin have known their best friends since 1991.
  • At any given time, Caitlin is usually reading 3 or 4 different books.
  • Tom loves to swim in his free time, and used to play water polo.
  • Caitlin's favorite dog is a French Bulldog.  Tom prefers Corgis.  They both think Maia the cat is pretty cool.
  • Caitlin and Tom are both excited to be getting married, and can't wait to celebrate with you!
On the 51st floor of the Prudential tower, one floor above where we'll get married next year!

On the 51st floor of the Prudential tower, one floor above where we'll get married next year!