Meet the Parents: Groom's Side

Once upon a time, a country girl dressed as a cat, met a city boy who didn’t realize the Halloween party he was at was a costume party.  (Luckily he was wearing orange pants and could kind of pass as a pumpkin?) Years later they married and moved from the big city to the burbs, where Tom was born and raised. 

When Tom's parents aren't keeping themselves occupied with various church, school, and town groups, they can be found frequenting the local art house movie theater, watching local theater productions, or travelling into NYC for dinner and a show.

Tom's Mom

Name: Barbara
Occupation: School Psychologist (Now retired yet somehow keeping just as busy)
Grew up in: Davenport, IA
Unique trait passed on to Tom: Love of swimming
Impressive Trivia: Completed her dissertation and earned her doctorate from Columbia while also raising a newborn.

Tom's Dad

Name: Edward
Occupation: Executive Search Consultant
Grew up in: Brooklyn, NY
Unique trait passed on to Tom: Unapologetic over enjoyment of pun-based humor.
Impressive Trivia: Has run his own search/consulting company, Oppedisano & Co. for 40 years